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Meet the Team!

Between now and the fall, a Local Planning Committee (LPC) will work with the Department of State, Homes and Community Renewal, Empire State Development, NYSERDA and a consultant team to develop a Strategic Investment Plan to revitalize Kinderhook’s downtown through a slate of readily implementable projects.

Local Planning Committee (LPC)

A Local Planning Committee (LPC) comprised of local and regional leaders, stakeholders, and community representatives intended to represent diverse interests is convened to oversee the planning process and the development of the SIP.


Carman Bogle

Linda MacFarlane

Christina Becker

Connie Brooks

Chris Callahan

Sue Preece

Kathleen Quinn

Laura Oswald

Renee Bouplon

Alane Ball Chinian

James Sweeney

Chris Crucetti

State Agencies

  • Department of State

  • Homes and Community Renewal

  • Empire State Development


Consultant Team

  • Buro Happold: project management and revitalization strategy

  • Interboro: public engagement, architecture, urban design

  • BJH Advisors: real estate analysis

  • EDR: landscape architecture, civil/ environmental engineering

  • Stuart Lynn: cost estimating

  • KK&P: food systems advisory

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